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In the year of 2009, a group of ganga-style warriors accepted the responsibility of maintaining law and order amidst an uncivilized universe. A sense of duty was delegated upon them to assemble a battalion from lone survivors of Star Wars tribes.

In this cruel universe, a great leader put together a courageous group on an odd-ball mission to pick up and train some really stupid recruits of the 654 Division. Soon thereafter, it became obvious that most of them lacked any real skills. They all sucked!

As they spent more time shooting at anything that moved, they discovered that it was more fun to plan attacks so there could be greater victories against better opponents. We all sucked!

As training and strategies improved, the opponents began to underestimate their capabilities. They were beginning to win hard-fought conflicts.  They underestimated their abilities.

(2012) An almighty warlord – Dorky Duck – all glorious leader, emerged from the ashes and just keep winning.

Call of Duty Street SceneUnfortunately, victories were offset by mistrust. Dorky Duck began suffering setback after setback in defeat in hot zones. Some of his warriors went MIA (missing in action) and others remained detached from the main group.

Dorky Duck gained a reputation among warriors by remaining loyal and refusing to plot against his own clan. He refused to submit as a traitor. For that, he was ruthlessly demoted of his rank without cause. He was stripped of his virtual office. They took away his girlfriends and servants. Dorky Duck was treated as an outcast after many faithful years of service.

Dorky Duck retired in peace. His days were over until he regained a rank as an enlistee. Now with the help of his clueless but close comrades from bygone days of yesteryear, they reorganized their clan and agreed to function only as a support group to the original clan =TS= Teamstealth owned by Crosshair.

At the time, the arrangement worked out. Then in the summer of 2013, the day came when Crosshair asked that we merge back into their group completely. There were a handful of active bloodthirsty, bloodsucking, gang-banging warriors that didn’t care about sharing the title but the backstabbing, infidelity and mistrust came with the unification.

Due to their ruthlessness, the founders of the reorganized clan felt it was not necessary to merge due to their pursuit of glory and happiness. The elite clan was already sitting pretty, detonating every enemy camp and preventing any chance of disloyalty. Now, they wanted their own flag and colors. Freedom from tyranny. Complete independence!

We have sponsored several events in the World of Tanks and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Eventually, new leaders emerged from discovery by Dorkyduck, Steven Aric Ramos and Jumbolano (Ben). Alas, we gained the mighty ReVeNGe (Command and Conquer) and the witty Darth Revan (Star Wars Battlefront II).

Call of Duty ZombiesTheir expertise in conquering land and destroying tanks within derps opened more possibilities. With the rise of new members, Jumbolano decided to take a sabbatical, in his quest for peace of mind, though he remained a good friend and ally. The return of Brandon Hill, Sai and igfqnn33 gave us an equal level of strength to our original main group. Our loyal warriors Beatles, Xadrian, Rex, Fusion, Kevin, JetPrime, fairmeout, and Jazz believed in our quest for greater power and stayed with us.

In the year 2014, we celebrated our site’s first anniversary, developed by Dorkyduck, Steven and ReVeNGe, the co-founder of Teamstealth Reborn. (=TSR=). With the help of Deadman, Archeus , Freeze and Delta, our group established itself with a multi-gaming style.

Commander Dorky Duck then expanded the site into many links to others for more fun. Soon after another major homepage update of several, ReVeNGe stepped up to fund and control our own =TSR= World of Tank Company. We would not have met Freeze, Delta, Deadman, Coolcar, Joe and many others if it weren’t for ReVeNGe.

=TSR= would not have gained. Our team allows anyone with mind to respect others and hopefully older and mature than young and dumb. (+15 years) We grow in number and our security tightens against any foul play. Especially when those like the PFA try to recruit despite given an answer of “No” by more than 3 leaders.

Our member morale is clear that many of us are active within a week’s time or less. With increased voice calls and groups, a newer site was needed. With the support of Darth Helmet. Although he prefers to be called “Lord Darth Helmet,” he sucks as a player at any level, so we put him into games on suicide missions to shut him up.

Steven Aric Ramos mercilessly continues his heavy grand theft auto gaming, mastering his craftiness and art at his Minecraft library and bringing his sister into voice calls and random chats. With his help, webs was discovered and Steven did not waste time into adding me to create and edit. He helped so much with adding applications and widgets. I gained interest upon learned html and picture processing.

Our number one goal is to reach the day of Star Wars Dice Release with no regrets and prepared for newcomers to join our main warrior group. No one said it was going to be easy. We have a lengthy recruitment process for Galactic Warrior Empire!

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Galactic Warrior Empire promotes virtual games.

Galactic Warrior Empire writes editorials and accepts approved opinions from internal and external sources.

Our Mission

We are not organized to operate Galactic Warrior Empire as a daily business.

Galactic Warrior Empire was organized to attract like-minded people in a constructive, but playful environment.

Galactic Warrior Empire is an amateur website. All of our projects, blogs and websites are subject to revisions and improvements as time permits.

Our primary purpose is to disseminate the flow of gamer information. Help us spread the word about the global freedom movement. Let’s do this together.

Our activities include showing up to participate at major gamer events and related activities. Building alliances, improving our lives and promoting healthy lifestyles are a huge plus for us.

Galactic Warrior Empire does not directly solicit contributions nor directly contribute to any political entity. It is accomplished entirely by third parties. Discretion advised.

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